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(To Retailers)

Saving you time and hassle by introducing you to some really good Dutch companies, that can make a difference to your home & outdoor product portfolio and can generate sales,a point of difference and diversity in your range.

A one stop shop to the East of Holland, the brands I represent have a point of difference in quality of product, range or a unique proposal. They are all within 45 minutes of each other and complement each others ranges so so you can visit one or combine, they would look great on your shop floor.

Criteria: All established companies with over +20 years in business experience. Reliable, process driven with proven concepts. Innovative and pleasant and efficient to deal with.

They all understand the importance of sustainability and are actively investing in sustainable production and sourcing processes to reduce their impact on the environment. Personally, I have invested in a business sustainability course at the University of Cambridge.

My service to you: I don’t waste your time! I'm efficient, knowledgeable and would love to explore any opportunity to create sales for you and success for the brands I represent.

Share your interest ideas and expectations with me and let's see if we can work together.Throughout any process I will help you with your ideas, guide you through the ranges, show you the best product, concepts and prices and will oversee every step of the process. Regularly keeping in touch and reviewing together, to plan for growth.


I offer value in the form of a great portfolio, the experience to help with every angle of the purchase and the passion to see it through!

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